Performance XL: Athletic Formula


Speed, Stamina, Strength…attributes of the truly great equine athlete.  A formula specifically designed to boost performance and help your equine athlete reach their peak genetic potential.

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Speed, Stamina, Strength…attributes of the truly great equine athlete. Help them reach their full potential with Performance XL: Athletic Formula! These performance enhancing nutrients have been clinically proven to improve performance. All natural ingredients will not test positive, but you’ll think they should when you see how they respond.

Carnitine, Taurine, Creatine, Kelp Meal, Bioplex Zinc, Bioplex Manganese, Sel-Plex. Bioplex Copper, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Menadione, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Iodate, Whey Permeate, Dextrose, Coenzyme Q10, Flavour

Nutrient Units Concentration
CP % 4.2
Zn ppm 5,647
Cu ppm 1,406
Mn ppm 5,658
Se ppm 34
Co ppm 22
I ppm 83
Vitamin A KIU/kg 676
Vitamin D KIU/kg 68
Vitamin E IU/kg 11,300
Vitamin K3 ppm 12
Price ($) 1 kg 110.00
5 kg 475.00
10 kg 900.00
20 kg 1,700.00
Scoop Size cc 29.6
Feeding Rate/day grams per 100 kg of BW 12
grams for 500 kg horse 60
Feeding Rate/day scoops/100 kg of BW 0.4
scoops for 500 kg horse 2
Cost/day $/100 kg of BW 1.00
$/500 kg horse 5.10
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