Our Story

Mad Barn’s founder, Scott Cieslar has 10+ years as a professional nutritionist, having earned a Master’s of Science in Physiology and Nutrition, and he is currently completing his PhD at The  University of Guelph in Canada.  Suffice it to say, he knows his stuff.

Crazy Good Nutrition

Scott has nutrition down to a science, but he’s not just book smart; he’s got horse sense too.

You get the benefit of both.

Because Scott’s an animal lover—and more specifically, a horse lover just like you—he wanted to take what he’s learned and apply it to something incredible. He’s seen firsthand how the life of a horse can change because of diet (and he knows those changes impact a caring owner too).

Perhaps best of all, Scott doesn’t want to keep all those facts, figures and details about horses to himself. He’s eager to share his library of goodies with anyone who’s interested. So if you want to see more about the science behind Mad Barn nutrition or the other horse info Scott has uncovered over the years, just check out our resource section.

We’re happy you found Mad Barn…come back anytime!

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