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    Hey Scott,
    How do you feel about feeding 12% Dairy Ration to an older horse who seems to need a little more than just hay/vitamins & minerals?
    Is there anything else you would suggest for someone looking to add more to a horse who is not thriving on the hay/vitamins & minerals?


    Scott Cieslar


    Thanks for the question. I would not advise feeding any dairy or beef ration to your equine companion. Rumensin (brand name for monensin sodium) is used in ruminant feeds and is toxic to horses. The tag will indicate whether the product contains rumensin. The issue remains that there is the possibility of residue remaining even in unmedicated feed. Feed mills are not required to flush (clean) their system after making a feed containing Rumensin if the following feed is for a species that Rumensin may be used in. When horse feeds are made the entire system mush be flushed to ensure no residual drugs inadvertently contaminate the feed. Therefore, only use feeds labelled and intended for horses.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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