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“As a trainer, I am a firm believer in daily electrolyte supplementation for all our horses during the training and racing stages and I look for quality of product, palatability (in water) and cost. Mad Barn’s Performance XL: Electrolytes fits the bill for me and all our stable. One of our top 3 year olds, Rockin In Heaven, always lost lots of electrolytes while trucking and racing in the NYSS program, and Mad Barn’s  Performance XL: Electrolyte helped keep him on the right track to earn over $367,000 last year. Top product for an important aspect of daily conditioning”

Dr. Ian Moore


“Sam is a horse that’s very hard on himself when traveling to go race. When discussing his need for something to help him stay calm on race day as well as something to help his body recuperate from the stress, AJ immediately suggested Visceral. I noticed a difference in his appetite within 2 weeks & now, after 6 weeks, the difference in his appearance is more than apparent; carrying more weight than ever, his coat shines and he is covered in dapples in mid January! His last race was his least stressed outing yet, his best performance in months & not a morsel of food was left uneaten following race day.”

Brittany Kennedy

“My horse, Sundance, has been on Mad Barn’s Omneity formula for the past year now. He has gone through a major transformation since he has been taking these supplements. His hooves were in terrible shape and he lacked stamina. Today,his coat is shiny, his hooves are phenomenal and he has tremendous endurance on trail. The Omneity formula has enhanced Sundance without having him gain additional weight or making him high strung.”

“In addition, Scott Cieslar, is a wonderful businessman who is extremely kind, efficient and knowledgeable. He truly is all about customer service and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Mad Barn for your horses’s nutrition. I, for one, definitely look forward to doing business with Scott and Mad Barn for years to come!

Emese & Sundance

For years I have been searching for a high quality, natural, equine supplement in Canada. I wanted as natural/organic as I could obtain so that my horses body would be able to utilize the nutrients. All the pre-packaged supplements available had added iron, alfalfa, grains, fillers and many synthetic and hidden ingredients that I did not want to feed my horses.

I had learned that certain minerals block the uptake of other minerals and that if I didn’t know what my current diet of hay was providing, a supplement that was not balanced to my hay could cause excesses or deficiencies that could actually cause problems for my horses. I had a wee little bit of knowledge but not near enough to correctly help my horses.

When I found Scott Cieslar and Mad Barn I grilled that poor man about the ingredients he uses. I was more than thrilled to find out that he uses the high quality, natural ingredients I had been looking for, that every single ingredient used is listed (not hidden) and he has good safety measures in place.

In our area, we are unique in that we have some minerals that are naturally present in unusual amounts. (who knew?!!)  Those minerals drastically affect the balancing out of other important minerals like zinc. Another problem is that most hayfields in our area are so small that nobody can obtain a year’s supply of hay from the same field but rather, have many fields of hay in their barn to make up the food supply for the year. Based on several hay field samples, Scott was able to come up with a recipe that was balanced to a variety of local hays. We also added pro/pre-biotics and some of the extra ingredients that I had been buying and feeding separately. Now all I need is in one custom supplement, at a reasonable cost and I don’t have a lineup of single ingredients to feed every day..I am sooo happy!!

I do have to say that the thing about Scott that impressed me the most, was that he actually “listened” to me…who does that?!!  Excellent knowledge and customer care, far surpassing any of the companies I have ever dealt with!

Thank you Scott and Mad Barn.

Laurie Joslin

Since I started using the Mad Barn products on Wild and Crazy Guy, I have noticed a remarkable difference in his eating habits and overall well being. He has stepped up his racing game and looks amazing .  I now have my entire barn on Mad Barn products.

Martin Lachance


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